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Dr. Caroline Latterman’s programs increase speakers’ clarity of pronunciation, confidence, ability to deliver information to an American audience, and ROI.  Call or email today to schedule your complimentary demonstration for yourself or your team!



Accent Reduction and Clear Pronunciation:

You, your employees, and your clients deserve clearer speech and pronunciation.  Dr. Latterman has been helping executives, employees, and individuals speak more clearly and confidently for nearly fifteen years.  She is exceptionally qualified, passionate about her work, and she has an ear for macro- and micro-level communication issues that will astound you.  Whether you are a CEO or an individual wanting to break through the communication barrier, you will be amazed at the difference that speaking clearly will make.  And for all CEOs, Directors, and Managers out there, don’t forget that Americans are not always forgiving of foreign accents, so if you are placing your international executives or employees in front of an American audience, either on the phone or in person, you better hope that they speak clearly.  Remember:  You Can’t Afford Unclear Communication or Awkward Situations.

Cross-Cultural Communication:

Unless you have provided your international executives and employees with Cross-Cultural Training before putting them in front of an American audience, either over the phone or in person, you are setting yourself up for cultural mishaps and awkward situations.  People will often forgive someone who makes grammatical mistakes, but offending someone on cultural issues?  Whew—you’ve got quite a problem.  Linguistic Consulting teaches your executives and employees about American cultural norms and social customs, taboo topics, customary small talk before and after a business meeting, how to take a client out for drinks, plus so much more.  We learn what your corporate needs are in addition to the personal needs of the individual executive or employee, and we customize a program just for you.  Remember: You Can’t Afford Unclear Communication or Awkward Situations.

Presentation Skills:

Um, Uh, Well…Could you or your team’s presentation skills use some perfecting?  Linguistic Consulting offers Americans and International Professionals targeted feedback about their presentation skills and areas in which to improve.  We teach how to give concise, direct, well-organized presentations that captivate an audience and engage them with what you are describing or selling.  Many speakers shift around while they talk, others avoid making eye contact with the audience, some don’t present information in a way that is accessible to the listeners.  We take care of all of this.  Give us your executives, employees, or team, and we will give you refined, stellar presenters.