Your bottom line is critical, and communication has a dramatic on it. Unfortunately, international accents and miscommunication can have a significantly negative impact on your business.

Although it’s subconscious, when your clients hear heavier international accents they generally have a more negative impression of your staff. They tend to think that these employees are less intelligent, less credible, less likable, and poorer at their job. Clients don’t mean to do this – it’s subconscious and happens for evolutionary reasons – but the research shows that this is actually what happens. This dramatically impacts your organization’s credibility, reputation, and bottom line.

This is quickly solvable. When Dr. Latterman enables your employees to speak very clear English, the subconscious attitudes that your clients and colleagues had will reverse. Clients will find your international employees to be more intelligent, more credible, more likable, and better at their job. When they have a more favorable impression of your staff they are much more likely to work with you and to remain loyal to your company and brand.

Dr. Latterman has worked with numerous high-profile companies, including:

  • RWJBarnabas
  • AGS Health
  • UST Global
  • Physicians Practice Enhancement
  • Thirdware Software Solutions
  • Shopmium
  • Avalnet
  • Inventurus
  • ReusableByProducts
  • Align Minds
  • Gorilla
  • 2mobile

Management Consulting Firms

Many of your clients, across all fields, are creating diversity and inclusion initiatives. Dr. Latterman is available to consult with you to strengthen and deepen the impact of these initiatives. She creates or co-creates workshops, curricula, and programs that are designed to compliment your work and enrich your engagements.

Dr. Latterman is effective – at statistically significant levels – at turning negative impressions of accents into positive impressions.