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January, 2017

Speaker at St. Luke’s

December, 2016

Speaker at the Wetrich Group‘s Annual Meeting

October, 2016

Keynote speaker at the National Forum for Latino Healthcare Executives’ Healthcare Leadership Summit
“Innovative Psycholinguistic-Based Strategies to Dramatically Increase the Representation of Minority Executives in Healthcare”

September, 2016

Speaker at RWJBarnabas

August, 2016

Interview and Detailed Case Study About Dr. Caroline Latterman in Dr. Anna Marie Trester’s Book: “Bringing Linguistics to Work”

June, 2016

Speaker at Physician Practice Enhancement’s Yearly Meeting

July, 2014

Speaker at The Asian Society for Equality


  • 2017Upcoming Book:
    The Role of Linguistics in Healthcare: Applying Psycholinguistic and Sociolinguistic Principles to Achieve Better Outcomes and Higher HCAHPS Scores
  • May2017Speaking at St. Luke’s Quarterly Meeting
  • Oct2017Speaking at the Pennsylvania Organization of Nurse Leaders’ (PONL) Annual Conference
    Gettysburg, Pennsylvania