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insurance claim form
insurance claim form

Poor communication is well-documented to be the source of the highest number of healthcare-related insurance claims and malpractice suits.

  • You can significantly reduce your insurance claims and malpractice suits
  • You can dramatically lower your spend
  • You can increase your patients’ medication-adherence and decrease their readmission rates

This can all be achieved by improving you providers’ communication, intercultural, and interpersonal skills within a matter of months.

Dr. Latterman works with foreign-trained physicians as well as American-born providers to improve their communication skills. Her programs target the root causes of communication failure, which directly relate to your healthcare spend.

She also teaches providers how to work with diverse patient populations and how to interact more successfully with patients. Providers will be able to connect more easily and deeply with patients, garnering a much higher level of trust and likability, which directly relates to health outcomes and insurance spend.

Significantly lower the cost and volume of your claims by having Dr. Latterman work with your physicians and nurses at your hospitals, ambulatory care setting, and other healthcare locations.

Insurance companies are not yet harnessing the power of Linguistics, yet this is an innovative way to significantly and dramatically affect your bottom line.