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International Speakers

Imagine inviting an international scientist to speak at your conference and completely understanding him.

The current reality is that many pharmaceutical companies invite brilliant international scientists to speak, yet the audience has difficulty understanding their international accents. This causes valuable information to be lost and it prevents the audience from fully understanding the information and concepts being presented.

This problem is very solvable.

Dr. Latterman can teach your international speakers – either on-site or over WebEx – how to speak very clear American English. This is a process that only takes a matter of months, and it dramatically increases your audience’s ability to understand the presentation.

She can also teach your international or American speakers how to structure information for a presentation. There are psycholinguistic techniques that speakers can use to deliver information in a way that is easier to understand and that improves the audience’s retention of the information, all powered by the Science of Linguistics.

Your International Scientists

You have a multitude of international scientists. They are highly intelligent and very capable in their roles, however their accents often cause them to be unable to share the depth and breadth of their knowledge. This means that you cannot take full advantage of all they have to offer.

Within months of working with Dr. Latterman your international scientists can speak much more clearly. This will allow them the ability to more fully express their ideas and will dramatically increase the value of your workforce. Sessions are offered either individually or in groups, and can take place on-site or over WebEx.

You are losing out on a tremendous amount of intelligence, creativity, and innovation. All you need to do is harness it, with the linguistic and cultural expertise of Dr. Latterman.

Cultural and Interpersonal Intelligence

The ability to effectively navigate American culture has a dramatic effect on the value of your international scientists and employees. These cultural and interpersonal skills are often not learned simply by exposure to American culture, even after an international professional has lived in the United States for a significant number of years. However, with strategic Linguistic and Social-Psychological-based training, your teams will function much more efficiently, effectively, and with a dramatically reduced incidence of communication and culture-related miscommunication. This will directly affect employee incidents and will have a measurable effect on your bottom line.